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Christopher Sanders


Les Miserables - Broadway World
"Christopher Sanders was an exceptional Javert, bringing a sense of compassion and creditability to the complex villain.  His powerful, rich bass voice and intimidating presence were perfect for the strict police man.  The rivalry between Valjean and Javert was heightened by both of these actors' magnificent portrayals and both men set the standard for the exceptionally talented cast."
Man of La Mancha - The Florida Times- Union
"The Impossible Dream, from the 1965 musical "Man of La Mancha" is among the greatest show-stopping ballads in Broadway history.  And the Alhambra Theatre & Dining has the ideal actor to perform it.  
Christopher Sanders, who plays the dual roles of Miguel de Cervantes and Don Quixote in the Alhambra's production of "Man of La Mancha" is tall, graceful, and gifted.  He is also one of the best singers ever to grace the Alhambra's stage, as he proved last November in the Alhambra's production of "South Pacific" and proves it again in this show."

South Pacific - Kansas City Star

"His version of "Some Enchanted Evening" is absolutely stunning and goosebump- worthy.  His admiration for the music is obvious."

South Pacific - Theatre Jones

"In virile baritone Sanders, Lutz has a full-bodied male matinee idol to sing to and sing with.  They are love's characters made flesh as he enfolds her in his arms in the reprise of "Some Enchanted Evening".  Sanders' Emile is a show unto himself in his deeply felt rendering of "This Nearly Was Mine".  As he draws close to the edge of the stage, the big hall becomes as small and intimate as I've ever felt it.  Swoon, sigh, applaud - in any order."

42nd Street - Free Lance Star

"Christopher is solidly cast as the workaholic director Julian Marsh.  His delivery of "Lullaby of Broadway" and "42nd Street", elevated by his great baritone voice, are two of the show's many highlights."

Jekyll and Hyde - The Desert Sun

"Run, don't walk, to see Jekyll and Hyde.  This is a Sanders concert.  Being both characters, he really sings two sets of songs, and his delineation between the two calls for different vocal approaches - especially in the 11th hour scene in which he becomes both men."

Phantom - L.A. Times

"Christopher Sanders is living proof of the versatility required of an actor.  A demanding role, Sanders handles the Phantom with a boldness that is befitting his character.  Body language and facial expressions, despite the mask that is worn throughout the production, emote the moods of the despondent Phantom."

Sweeney Todd - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Ironically, as the title character and infamous serial killer, Christopher Sanders was very relaxed and even relatable n the tittle role.  His powerful, booming baritone voice was very effortless and impressive during the character's solos, especially "Epiphany".  Some of his facial expressions and side glances to the audiences were priceless."

Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame - Theater Jones

"The finest performance of all, both dramatically and vocally, comes from Sanders, who not only brings a gorgeous bass-baritone to his sung moments but conveys a villain with multi-layered motivation in every gesture."
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